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1. Introduction

Xiphos is a Bible study and research tool based upon the "SWORD Project" libraries and the GTK libraries. You can use Xiphos to do the following:

  • View your favorite Scripture verse

  • Make sermon or personal notes on selected passages

  • Automatically follow Bible footnotes and cross-references

  • Compare translations in parallel

  • Work in original language study using the available Hebrew and Greek translations

Xiphos aims to provide a simple and clean user interface while providing a powerful tool allowing a personalized Bible study environment.

Figure 1. The SWORD Project logo

The SWORD Project logo

"The SWORD Project" is based at http://www.crosswire.org. Other applications under the same banner are MacSword for the Macintosh, BibleDesktop, a Java application, BibleTime (another Linux program), and The SWORD Project for Windows (aka BibleCS or WinSword).

Figure 2. Xiphos in action

Xiphos in action


Xiphos is currently in development, so this manual may not reflect the program as you see it. If it does not, please file a bug at the project website, or email . All help is appreciated, as it will improve the software.