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2. Getting Started with Xiphos

2.1. Starting Xiphos

You can start Xiphos in the following ways:

Applications menu

Choose EducationXiphos Bible Guide.

Command line

Type xiphos, then press Return.


Go to All ProgramsXiphos Xiphos.

2.2. Starting Xiphos For The First Time

When you start Xiphos for the first time, Xiphos creates a default selection of options for display. Also, if no other Sword application has ever been run, and thus there are no Bible modules installed, then Xiphos starts the Module Manager so that you can select and install a Bible module in your language preference.

Figure 3. Xiphos Download Question

Xiphos Download Instruction

Xiphos then opens its interface with one tab displayed, showing Romans 8:28. Once the interface is open, you can use EditPreferences to change any of the selections already made by default.

2.3. Launching Xiphos

When you start Xiphos, the following interface is displayed:

Figure 4. Xiphos interface

The Xiphos Interface

The Xiphos interface contains the following elements:


The menus on the menubar contain several commands which extend the use of Xiphos . These include the StudyPad and advanced search functions. The menus also help you to customize your use of Xiphos.


The toolbar contains buttons that let you quickly navigate through the Bible.


The Sidebar provides access to several features. It contains your bookmarks and the list of installed books. It can also be used to perform simple searches.

Bible Text Pane

The Bible Text pane displays the Bible text which is currently being viewed.


The Previewer displays Bible text module options. These include Strong's numbers, footnotes and morphological tags. It is located below the Bible Text Pane.

Commentary Pane

The Commentary pane displays commentaries on the current Bible Text being used.

Book Pane

The Book Pane displays general books available from the Sword Project. These include modules like "Calvin's Institutes", "Josephus: The Complete Works" etc. This Pane can be accessed via the Book View tab just below the Commentary Pane.

Dictionary/Book Pane

The Dictionary/Book Pane displays dictionary information on selected words in the Bible Text Pane. It is located just below the Commentary Pane

When you right-click in the different interface sections, the interface displays a context popup menu, which provides access to more module-specific options, including display controls and printing services.