Xiphos Bible



The only binary packages are Windows installers. For Linux users, please see your distribution's normal update channels.

Exception for Ubuntu users: See this page for using a PPA. This is necessary because Ubuntu no longer directly supports certain packages required for Xiphos.

If you have packages to contribute or information on how to build them for a specific distribution, please let us know.


Xiphos operates using support from Sword. Current Xiphos requires Sword version 1.8.1 or later (source). Most packagers offer libsword in addition to Xiphos packages.

Note that if you choose to build Xiphos with your own build of Sword, CLucene is not required, though it is still recommended.

Source Packages

Latest: 4.2.1

For other releases, look here.

GIT access

Check out the current GIT source tree with:

git clone https://github.com/crosswire/xiphos.git

Then build under Linux using:

cd xiphos
make -C build
sudo make -C build install


The Xiphos module manager provides automated download and installation support for all of the modules available from Crosswire in their standard module download area, or for any other repository set up to handle module manager access. See the links page for availability of additional modules.