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8. The Personal Commentary

To build up a personal commentary you will need to install the editable 'Personal' sword module from the English Commentaries section. Right click it and choose EditNotePersonal in the menu.

An editor window similar to the Study Pad will appear. Edit your comment and save it; in the future it will appear as your comment to the relevant verse.

Figure 32. The Personal Commentary Editor

The Personal Commentary


  • Synchronise Button

  • Bible Book, Chapter and Verse Selectors

  • Location Summary

Use the Synchronise Button to quickly change location of your editor to that of the underlying Bibletext or use the Book, Chapter, and Verse selectors to choose to edit your comment to one particular verse.

Toolbar 1

  • Font Size and Environment

  • Font Type

  • Bold, Italics, Underscored, Crossed Out

  • Left, Centre and Right Bound

  • Shift Paragraph Right or Left

  • Colour Selector

Toolbar 2

  • Save, Delete and Print

  • Cut, Copy, Paste and Undo

  • Find and 'Find and Replace'

  • Spellcheck

In order for spellcheck to be available, one of the languages under EditCurrent languages must be set.

To create a link to other verses right click the text and choose Link... In the pop-up window enter the link location and the module linked to.

It is possible to rename a personal commentary to suit a particular subject of study for that commentary. Thus, multiple personal commentaries may be installed: Rename the existing personal commentary, and then re-install another instance of the personal commentary if desired. Personal commentary names can consist only of letters and digits, and cannot duplicate an existing module's name. Rename is accessible off the right-click menu.

If the study embodied in a particular personal commentary is no longer needed, archival is available in the module manager, prior to removal, for possible future re-installation. See the module manager's Remove/Archive page. Any module may be archived, not just personal commentaries.

Although there are 31,102 verses in standard versification, it is unlikely that more than a tiny fraction of all verses will have personal commentary attached to them. A verse list showing where personal commentary notes exist is available from Right Click Dump Pers.Comm..


The created commentary page will be attached to an individual verse only. To write commentary pages from within Xiphos, attached to longer stretches of text use the Link.. function to link several pages together