Xiphos Bible

Release Notes



Release 4.2.1
02 May 2020

After a long dry spell, Xiphos is back with a new release.  This is a
release of many bug fixes and much re-structuring, especially for how the
build system operates, an important factor for those in development.  The
older waf build system is gone, having been re-engineered from the ground
up with cmake.

User-visible changes regard crash-avoidance bugfixes and cosmetic matters:
Corrected use of visuals in parallel window, corrected verse displays,
status bar repair, corrected alternating fg/bg in parallel,
improved/corrected spacing of Strong's and morphology with respect to
mainline text, additions to the languages recognized in module displays,
increased limits on book name length for exotic UTF-8 languages (encodings
too long), and some new and updated interface translations.

Nearly 50 old reports are closed.

Closed items:
- #795 Android app
- #895 Small capitals for divine name not displayed in parallel view
- #899 Windows 10 install fails: 4.1.0 32-bit installer
- #903 Drop down menu does not fully display in Fedora 28
- #910 Faulty interaction between previewer pane view settings
- #914 doesn't compile on ubuntu 18.04
- #915 segfault
- #917 fails to run in Debian testing due to incorrect version of libsword
- #919 Disabled status bar reappears when the program is launched
- #924 Windows build cannot find glib-genmarshal
- #926 Parallel Bible Tabs in Xiphos 4.0.7
- #931 Xiphos on Fedora 29 Gnome Wayland
- #932 Crosswire PPA is Gone
- #933 download manager doesn't load any bibles
- #934 Date in devotional windows is not translated
- #937 ftp.xiphos.org unresponsive
- #939 Features request: When clicking right on a word opens a windows
       with all the word with the same Strong's number
- #947 drop-down menu for books partly off screen
- #949 Burmese locale not displayed
- #951 Installing new versions of modules that already is installed,
       instead of upgrade old, call some errors
- #952 Preferences Menu Comes Up When Starting Xiphos
- #953 Windows version crashes after opening
- #955 Studypad does not open
- #956 drop down menus for Bible books and chapter not working correctly
- #957 Personal commentary not working
- #958 STRDUP error Habakkuk 3:14 YLT
- #970 arrows by book name confusing
- #974 Background Color, Page and Window Aren't Working Properly
- #977 zh-CN Book hebrew wrong
- #978 User reports crash on first run
- #980 New release expected for debian
- #981 Xiphos is almost unusable on smaller screen devices, phones.
- #985 Arb, cmn and ktu are translated in English in the list of modules
- #990 Misleading proximity of Strong's tags to the next line
- #991 Suggestion: Change the Unknown language branch to ! Unknown
- #993 Bulgarian sword locale is not seen by xiphos
- #995 Dropdown Menu only Shows OT books on Complete Bible, NT Bibles left out.
- #996 tab content limit too short, causes crash
- #998 Localized language names not displayed (Unknown language branch in MM)
- #999 Trailing zeroes in a module version number?
- #1000 language names are not language descriptors
- #1001 Create release and post build artifacts on git tags
- #1006 detached parallel widget ptr not NULLed on close, causes crash
- #1008 Compilation/Package build failed on Ubuntu 18.04
- #1011 copyright update
- #1013 zip help dependency
- #1017 Please provide italics rendering for catchWord & rdg elements in OSIS footnotes
- #1018 update RELEASE-NOTES for 4.2.0
- #1019 apparent adv.search hang is really just grossly inefficient previous results disposal
- #1021 Convince Github project is not written in Scheme

New recent items:
- #1005 Fix the name of the module in the top of the parallel view
- #1009 In Advance search, adding new module in the module list impossible
- #1010 Add a new tab in the dictionary pane for daily devotional
- #1014 Configurable packages in Linux
- #1017 Please provide italics rendering for catchWord & rdg elements in OSIS footnotes

Release 4.1.0
19 Apr 2018

There has been much bugfixing and a number of features and enhancements.
Internal compatibility updates were made for the new Sword 1.8 release,
notably providing some new av11n schemes.  Several flaws in Advanced
Search were corrected.  Ongoing changes to stay current with our display
toolkit were made.  Export output has gained headers showing what search
was executed on what module, and an export verse counting error was fixed.
Pre-book and -chapter material is visually offset from main text.  (For
examples, see module ESV2011 at every chapter 1.)  Due to the availability
of the new Android/iOS Sword app Bishop, which supports BibleSync, Xiphos'
use of BibleSync has been given some attention for this release: fixed one
bug; tightened up how a warning is used; added optional on-demand-only
keyboard-driven nav sync xmit as an enhancement, so that Xiphos need not
xmit every time the user navigates.

On Linux, when run under Wayland instead of Xorg, some mild rendering flaws
are seen.  Wayland is new, and working under it has provided some surprises.
Please help us work toward correcting these by submitting bug reports when

Issues addressed:
- #753 Unexpected Search Results
- #783 Add support for ancillary configuration files to unlock modules from STEP Bible
- #809 Using meson to build xiphos
- #823 Flatpak available on Flathub
- #826 Module Manager problems in Xiphos 4.0.7 (win32) during attempts to install Update module
- #828 #873 find dialog has an unknown button.
- #829 UI problem in Windows edition of Xiphos 4.0.6a (doubled arrows)
- #830 Add header lines to adv.search export
- #831 Module Manager problems in 4.0.7 (Ubuntu Linux)
- #834 libwebkitgtk-3.0-0 which is deprecated
- #836 Replace lucene with soundex
- #837 settings.xml is in *nix EOL format on windows
- #838 Modules - About - Copy
- #843 Xiphos hates superscripts
- #845 show pre-chapter/-book material with italics
- #846 can't handle OT quote display variant
- #847 Compilation failed on Ubuntu 16.04
- #848 Xiphos doesn't use non-break space
- #850 Lack of space in the "about" module window
- #851 corrected use of verse number in chapter export
- #853 unexpected file list at the previewer pane
- #854 UI cut off on left side
- #855 Xiphos crashes at first start (with workaround)
- #857 Show the text of all the verses of a xref
- #858 Detached sidebar empty
- #859 windows 10
- #861 Need help compiling 4.0.7
- #862 Please update your translation tools
- #864 Cannot compile through AUR
- #865 Windows: Splash screen stuck, program unresponsive
- #869 Advanced search crashes if using custom list for second/third/etc. time
- #870 Advanced search, exact phrase fails due to notes
- #871 Update dependencies
- #872 Bible showing weird characters
- #874 use gtkbox to replace gtk{v,h}box for xi-splash.ui
- #875 use gtkgrid to replace gtktable in edit_link_dialog.xml
- #876 #860 fixed gtk_font_button_get(set)_font_name deprecated
- #877 remove repeated arrow display
- #878 Xiphos website needs updating
- #881 #882 Wayland use under Gnome 3.26 or above leads to crash on Navbar click
- #887 Add keyboard-only BibleSync navigation
- #888 update biblesync glue for biblesync 1.2.0
- biblesync: avoid versekey data corruption by using a copy -- orig. is destroyed.
- biblesync: tell user exactly once that others are xmitting unknown bible modnames.
- translation updates
- compatibility update for sword 1.8
- added gtk version checks and fixed numerous gtk deprecations.

Release 4.0.7
24 Sep 2017

This represents general bug-fixing and feature implementation from the
issues list, with a few other matters handled as well.  More than half of
the open issues list (29 of 54) have been closed since 4.0.6, including
all but 2 outstanding bug reports.  Some closures were unreproducible
bugs, or unworkable feature requests that had to be turned down.  Other
closures are the result of some improvement in the code for this release,
some as described exactly, some as close efforts given the constraints of
how Xiphos operates internally.

- changed module option Glosses to default on.
- added config support, MinimumVersion: ignore modules newer than Sword itself.
- updated French and traditional Chinese translations.
- fixed dbus linkage failure due to insanity in latest release (rawhide).
- #524 fix use of fonts whose names end in digits.
- #725 add book/chapter journal template.
- #739 click verse text before/after chapter to navigate across chapters.
- #788 use saved status of detached sidebar.
- #791 add maximized detached window of current bible on F11.
- #821 update installation instructions (ubuntu).
- #822 prefs option not to use alternating fg/bg in parallel displays.

Release 4.0.6a
20 Aug 2017

Windows only.
- internal: fixed compiler error causing 1st-time user crash in mod.mgr.

Release 4.0.6
10 Aug 2017

- fixed longstanding display problem with webkit2 (now req'd for fedora).
- added Italian translation.
- updated French translation.
- added alt-L toggle lemma.
- added View Xiphos Releases to Help menu.
- internal: removed all ancient ImageMagick references.
- internal: removed HAVE_GTK_xxx in favor of GTK_VERSION_CHECK.
- internal: fixed wk2 search result.
- internal: fixed biblesync passphrase preservation.

Release 4.0.5
23 Apr 2017

- ReadAloud: Speak verse# only if we are showing verse#s in text as well.
- Fix crash caused by lack of collator during mod.mgr in first run.

Release 4.0.4
30 Aug 2015

- Implemented dynamic allocation enhancement to replace survivability fix.
- Updated language abbreviations to eliminate unknowns.
- Fixed module installation messages so they are not lost.
- Fixed abbrev support, to show abbrevs in all non-essential contexts.
- Fixed maximization restoral (mostly gtk3; partial for gtk2).

Release 4.0.3
06 Aug 2015

Another bugfix release, induced by the discovery that a hard limit on the
number of language groups that can be supported is too small with respect
to newer repositories supporting far larger groups of modules.  The code
involved will be re-factored for a better near-term future release but
this is an immediate survivability fix.

Release 4.0.2
15 Apr 2015

This is an urgent bugfix-only release.  A serious memory management error
has been uncovered in the editor, making it virtually useless in many
cases.  This release corrects this error.

Release 4.0.1
30 Mar 2015

- Completed webkit editor, due to replace gtkhtml editor.
- Added Abbreviation module configuration support.
- Added Glosses (Ruby) and Morpheme Segmentation display support.
- Added obsolete module audit, during install and on maintenance page.
- Added more informative "About" for modules.
- Added status bar en/disable.
- Removed BibleSync from Xiphos' source, now referenced as a proper library.
- Fixed studypad directory choice.
- Fixed mis-handling of unreal "multiple verse" reference in URL handling.
- Fixed editor's mis-handling of the link editor subdialog.
- Updated Win32 URL clickability; updated "About Sword" URL properly.
- Huge GTK3 compatibility cleanliness hackery.
- WebKit2 compatibility hackery.
- Fix compiler flag choices.
- Numerous code internals updates due to cppcheck(1) diagnostics.

Release 4.0.0
24 Dec 2014

- Bug#508 + feat.req#133: Added alternate versification support (av11n):
  Xiphos understands book/chapter/verse (BCV) schemes other than KJV.
  See especially module KJVA's deuterocanon between Malachi and Matthew.
  - The navbar is blanked and the pane states "This module has no
    content at this point" if a tab is selected with no content at the
    current verse indication, e.g. when reading in one tab with an
    Apocrypha Bible and then selecting a different non-Apocrypha tab,
    particularly when using Linked Tabs (see View menu).

- Added module-specific CSS support.  This uses configuration directive
  "PreferredCSSXHTML=style.css", naming a file in the DataPath
  directory.  If present, the file's content is included when rendering
  the pane.

- Added default CSS support.  Use ~/.xiphos/default-style.css but be
  aware that this has effects on all displayed modules.

- Added direct load of history from verse list contents (right-click),
  plus direct load of verse list from history contents (history menu).

- Added Feature=NoParagraphs support, default for verse-per-line.

- Added OSISXlit and OSISEnum global filter configuration support.

- Added preservation of CipherKey value for re-use when updating a module.

- Added xiphos.appdata.xml (/usr/share/appdata) for...well, advertising.

- Added --chatty configure flag to distinguish tracing from debug build.

- Changed options to default on for Hebrew vowel points, Hebrew
  cantillation, and Greek accents.

- NOTE: There are some problems with the editor component under Windows,
  problems which have apparently gone unnoticed for quite a while.
  Translations of the interface are weirdly inconsistent, and it is not
  useful at this time on journals.  These will be researched and a
  Windows-specific update will be issued soon.  It was decided that av11n
  and other matters had been waiting too long to delay this release.

- Updated navbar behavior: All books potentially available within the
  module's versification are included.  Formerly, books lacking content
  at 1:1 were excluded.

- Updated manual text for a couple feature requests.

- Fixed personal commentary dump, which stopped working in recent Sword.

- Fixed 1st-time mod.mgr to include Crosswire repo name.

- Fixed main window internal geometry save on quit.

- Fixed mod.mgr "button bobble" preventing expand/collapse of mod.tree.

- Fixed bug#513, stop crash on repeated tab deletion.

- Fixed crash caused by having a (lexdict|genbook) without (dict|book) key.

- Fixed incompatibility with GTK3.14's unstable interface, preventing
  Preferences window from opening.  Fixed many related incompatibilities.

- Fixed several inconsistencies between main & parallel views.

- Fixed inadvertent realignment-induced re-navigation.

- Cleaned up internal settings structures.

- Updated BibleSync interface in accordance with 1.1's updated params.

Release 3.2.2
24 Aug 2014

This is a cosmetic/clean-up release.  No new capability is present.

- Building against GTK3 (i.e. waf configure --gtk=3) should once again
  be reasonable.  Generally, GTK3 will require --enable-webkit-editor,
  because the older editor seems not fully de-lintable for GTK3.

- Internal use of generic warnings has been updated to re-introduce
  "modal" warnings, i.e. user acknowledgement before Xiphos proceeds.
  This is necessary for e.g. startup catastrophes, where the warning
  dialog must appear and remain for user ACK before the program exits.

- Added statusbar acknowledgement of alt-[SRM] display modifiers, as well
  as BibleSync keyboard navigation.

- The Preferences page for BibleSync has been de-cluttered somewhat.

- The unnecessary doubling of win32 login name is gone in BibleSync.

- A build complaint from very new compilers has been fixed.

Release 3.2.1
06 Jun 2014

This release has drastic forward movement in BibleSync plus a number of
bug fixes.

- BibleSync is no longer integral to Xiphos alone; it has been separated
  into its own library, to make it available for other Bible programs.
  There is some activity toward integrating it into others already.

- BibleSync has gained a number of features, both in the library itself
  and in how Xiphos uses it.  It now uses its own Preferences page, due to
  additional features and complexity.  Notably, BibleSync operates using
  speaker beacons, limiting the trouble that can be caused by either
  inadvertent or malicious navigation by others.

- BibleSync in Xiphos 3.2.1 will not interoperate with 3.2.0.  The
  addition of speaker beacons means that 3.2.0 will not recognize or
  generate them, and 3.2.1 will not recognize a speaker without them.
  (As applied to BibleSync 1.0.0 -vs- 1.0.1 differences.)

- Fixed a very old error regarding inconsistent internal use of the
  scripture cross-reference option.

- Consequent to that xref bug fix, exported content correctly no longer
  contains either footnotes or xrefs.

- Persistent difficulties with module archive have been resolved.

- Generic warning dialogs, used all over the place, have been replaced
  with a non-modal method that is not troublesome in the face of timing

- Compatibility issues with Solaris and BSD are resolved.

- Added populating the verse list directly from a dialog (context menu).

Release 3.2.0
05 May 2014

This release is to accommodate one late-arriving Sword engine change and
to support generalized companion modules.  It also provides the first
implementation of BibleSync, a shared navigation protocol specification
for Bible programs, details of which we are sharing with other programs'
authors and hope to see being made available soon.  GTK2 is still the
display toolkit we expect to be used.  Also, several urgent bugfixes have
been made.

- New BibleSync subsystem: Multicast group navigation with glue on
  navigation reception and transmission when navigating locally.

- Preferences added to support BibleSync options: mode enable, navigation
  style choice, and activity tracing and privacy toggle options.

- Updated companion modules (conf directive Companion=Abc,Def,Xyz) for
  Bibles and commentaries so as to allow arbitrary sets where the 1st
  opens in the main window and the rest open in detached windows.  This is
  important for organizations such as Wycliffe who produce grouped
  modules, useful in such a manner.

- Added kbd toggles alt-S (Strong's), alt-M (morphology), alt-R (red words).

- Heading generation changed in line with Sword 1.7.3's new internals.

- Fixed crash on unparseable xref module content.

- Fixed crash on copy/export.

- Fixed crash on bogus middle-click on multi-ref bookmark.

- Fixed crash on handling xref within heading

- Fixed win32 pango module filesystem placement.

- Fixed module manager column width setting.

- Fixed module manager archive function.

- Fixed NASB-specific lexica references for forthcoming NASB release.

- Removed gconf query.

Release 3.1.6
12 Jan 2014

This release is for compatibility with the recent Sword release, a number
of small features, and many bug fixes.

This release was very delayed both due to our need for the long-awaited
Sword 1.7 release, upon which any release of Xiphos has been dependent for
more than a year, and because of time demands on Xiphos developers.

Due to many problems with GTK3 support, 3.1.6 is being released with the
expectation of being built against GTK2.  The GTK3 problems will be
resolved for a future release and we will move Xiphos forward for that then.

Incidental improvements and bug fixes:

- The existence and placement of Preferences, Module Manager, and Advanced
  Search windows is saved.

- Major compatibility changes for the underlying Sword interface,
  especially renderText() and its minions.

- Live chat nick selection identifies user's platform and Xiphos version.

- Manual updates to reflect recent additions (eg. Alt-A [annotate]).

- Journals can be opened in regular display detached window (not editor).

- "Friendly" (abbreviation) month names for devotional use in the
  dictionary pane.

- Export off-by-one error when crossing chapter boundary is fixed.  Export
  also made somewhat more general and featureful.  3.1.5's missing export
  submenu is back.

- Addition of repository support for HTTP, HTTPS, and SFTP.

- Version differences in dbus IPC (xiphos-nav) have been homogenized.

- Build inconsistencies across Linux distributions are fixed.

- Removed last vestiges of unneeded, defunct KJV pilcrow (¶) handling.

- A number of updates to native language support for module tree lists.

- Sword's OSISVariants now works (had never been added since Sword's OSIS
  support came into existence).

- Xiphos internals have moved forward to Sword's XHTML interface, leaving
  behind the old HTMLHREF interface.  Many consequent internal changes.

- Unicode punctuation is no longer mis-spoken in ReadAloud.

- The last of the historic gtkhtml3 support has been removed, other than
  the editor component in GTK2: Xiphos depends exclusively on webkit.  This
  is Xiphos' 5th display engine.  We do not intend to change it ever again.

Release 3.1.5
19 Feb 2012

This is primarily a toolkit compatibility release, providing 2 features,
plus numerous ongoing routine bug fixes and enhancements.

- The WebKit display driver, which finally brings display feature parity
  to Windows with what has been available on other platforms for some time.
  WebKit is now our normal display driver for all platforms.  Windows users
  should see §3.9 of the manual for differences from the older gtkhtml3
  driver.  Mozembed (xulrunner) is no longer in use, replaced by WebKit.

  Note that certain problems were encountered regarding RtoL languages,
  especially Arabic and Hebrew (Farsi seems fine) very late in the effort to
  finalize Win32 WebKit support.  Farsi both fully translates and provides
  RtoL-inverted display; Hebrew translates fully (modulo missing strings)
  but does not RtoL-invert; most perversely, Arabic translates half
  strings and does not RtoL-invert.  We do not yet understand these
  flaws but will continue to try to resolve them, perhaps in a 3.1.6 for
  Windows only, as these problems do not haunt non-Windows builds at all.

- GTK3 compatibility, for the sake of newly-updated environments such as
  Fedora 15/16 and Ubuntu 11.10.

Other incidental improvements:

- Module-internal footnote & xref numbering/lettering is respected.

- Display of headings, footnotes, xrefs, and red words all default On.

- Image content is resized in parallel windows and the previewer.

- Module lists include modules' 1-line descriptions as well as short names.

- Verse numbers will no longer be "widowed" (left alone at the end of a
  line) by being forced to combine against the first word of their verse.

- Verse number display is configurable: bold, brackets, superscripts.

- RtoL consistency improvements.

- Studypad save respects its default directory specification.

- Base font is respected in all parallel views.

- Font selection order has been fixed: Any user specification (per module
  or per language) supercedes module configuration file specification.

- In export, avoid more than one dialog, ever, about checking a module's
  license, and change copy/export defaults to plaintext and 1 verse.

- Ctrl-0 (zero) forces base font size to 0.

- Ctrl-[1-9] selects the Nth tab.

- Countless internal module, cache, font, and display fixes.

Bug reports addressed since 3.1.4:
3094968  Switching Bibles to one without the current book
3094981  Navigation bug observed for the DRC module
3102898  Xiphos stops responding if search term includes a pilcrow
3103244  Xiphos does show italics for some transChange text
3103905  Preview pane does not display words containing Æ or æ
3125234  3.1.4 binary crashes on MacOS 10.6.5
3125240  References into Apocrypha partially broken
3141563  Xiphos doesn't start
3141617  Localized language name for Salo module
3147636  More localised language names
3148222  Hebrew letters at beginning of a verse
3157517  Xiphos No Longer Works on IBM Laptop
3166318  parallel view selections are not saved on exit
3166491  Opening both study pad and "personal commentary"
3166864  Xiphos don't work correctly with the Synodal versification
3169829  Windows font for two language names
3172700  Support for the Khmer language
3179097  Parallel View in a Tab
3257699  Xiphos crash on Fedora 13
3265450  xiphos-3.1.4 with xulrunner-2.0 fails to start
3289327  Xiphos don't display properly tables
3291274  Xiphos crashes when searching expression (in FreJND)
3301774  Font size of RNKJV Bible
3302253  Suggested reorganization of first paragraph on using Para.
3302627  editing pers.comm. should not use module cache
3306579  Headings missing at the beginning of chapters
3307692  Install failure Fedora 15
3361376  Parallel View: Will only show OT in Book Drop Down
3367552  No option for "Use Verse Per Line"
3384710  Strange search behavior at russian language
3392639  Non-display of verses containing U+FFFD
3392809  No way to choose verse, not existing in KJV versification
3400041  Previewer setting not functioning properly
3403641  xiphos 3.1.4 fails to build due to C template errors
3411260  Build fails to find gconf2 includes
3424836  Won't Run On Ubuntu 11.10
3428934  The word "mute" links to the Strongs entry for "mustard"
3434897  Certain Chapters in KJV Don't Display
3438261  Xiphos doesn't even start - error
3438931  xiphos-svn4312 build fails on fedora 16 64bit
3439031  gtk_widget_get_realized not available for gtk < 2.20
3439513  Xiphos Remote Source Not Working
3440353  Xiphos failure: "can't happen", display_mod: null
3440363  On start, Standard View text is invisible.
3482318	 Problems with separators
3482351  Note layout in Xiphos
3442601  Languages hacks?
3485166  Xiphos build 4363 fails to build
3485167	 Xiphos only displays Genesis (or first book in a text)
3488597  Build problem webkit branch

Feature requests closed:
3168708  preferences for copy
3163996  Cut off...
3166868  Morphological search function
3210164  Custom verse number formatting
3291278  Add ability to navigate from the keyboard
3291283  Add option to justify texts

Release 3.1.4
15 Oct 2010

As we continue to straggle toward feature parity in Windows, which we
regret we have still not fully achieved, it became necessary to make a
fresh release of Xiphos due to a new release of the Sword engine itself.
We have done a great deal in Xiphos other than in those feature parity
areas, so this makes for a good release anyhow.

Many smaller issues that have been waiting for a long time have been
implemented.  Again, classified as new, enhancements, and fixes.

New features

 1. For the first-time user, the first modules to be installed in order
    that Xiphos begin operation can be obtained from local media such as a
    CDROM or flash drive.  Also, the first-time user is put directly into
    the Module Manager, with step-by-step instructions displayed there.

 2. There is an entirely new implementation of the full-chapter parallel
    window (detached or tabbed).  It handles an arbitrary number of modules,
    no longer limited to 5, and supports commentaries as well as Bible
    texts.  Parallel modules are selected exclusively via Preferences.

 3. User-requested per-language default font choices are available in

 4. User annotations are normally marked with "*u" and reverse-highlighted
    for high visibility, in the "margin notes plus yellow highlighter"
    metaphor.  Now in Preferences, the highlight can be turned off.

 5. New defaults: The previewer will be placed in the sidebar by default
    for new users, and Bible versification display is now paragraph style, not
    verse-per-line.  Both behaviors are selectable.  For previewer placement,
    see the View menu.  For versification display, see the context
    (right-click) menu.

 6. Ctrl-F3 raises the search pane of the sidebar, analogous to F3 creating
    the Advanced Search window.

 7. When invoking Xiphos from the command line, the user may specify a tabs
    filename, such as are found in Xiphos' "tabs" directory.

 8. When invoking Xiphos via a sword:// link, multi-refs are handled in the
    verse list.  That is, a single link "sword:///Gen.1.1;Rev.1.1" does what
    you expect, identically as for clicking a multi-ref bookmark.

 9. The journal/prayerlist creation menu is available on the main File menu.

10. Bookmark file import has been generalized to accept any (correctly
    formatted) file, and import of BibleTime bookmarks has been fixed.

11. The Module Manager's introductory explanation is viewable on demand via
    a button always present.

12. Similarly, short introductory descriptions have been added to Advanced
    Search regarding optimized ("lucene") search syntax and attribute-based

13. Two separate module list categories have been created: Glossaries, to
    distinguish glossaries from real dictionaries; and Cult/Unorthodox, to
    separate those few very questionable modules from the mainstream lists.

14. Footnote and cross-reference markers (*n, *x) are now numbered, as one
    would expect in a print publication.

15. In mozembed/xulrunner builds, highlighted verses -- both regular
    current and user-annotated -- are now colored inline, rather than being
    blocked apart from surrounding text.

16. In Preferences color selectors, buttons are provided to invert main
    text and highlighted text selections.

17. The existence, placement, and size of the detached parallel window are
    remembered.  If it was present when Xiphos last exited, when Xiphos
    restarts, it will be reconstructed in the same place and size.

18. Commentaries in by-chapter mode have verse numbers in a left column.

Enhancements to existing behavior

 1. Doublespace has been made module-specific, available on the context menu.

 2. Verse-per-line, already module-specific, has been moved to the context
    menu, where it really belonged all along.

 3. In Preferences, the user may select whether Bibles' cross-reference
    lists should be displayed in the previewer (as they always have been) or
    via the verse list machinery.

 4. The previewer now uses a font that is 1 size smaller than is used in
    main display, after the fashion of smaller-font footnotes in print

 5. Bible headings function correctly in all parallel displays.

 6. Indexing of journals/prayerlists has been enabled.  None of the
    developers involved can remember why this was disabled to begin with.

 7. On first use of locked (encrypted) modules, Xiphos automatically
    requests the unlock code.

 8. Many manual improvements, including all new screenshots.

 9. For those users whose desktop environments support user-defined URL
    handlers (e.g. the GNOME desktop under Linux), opening a sword://
    reference anywhere will attempt to use an existing Xiphos, and will
    start a new Xiphos only if one does not yet exist.  In related news,
    Bible Refalizer, a Firefox plugin for auto-detection of Bible
    references, knows how to put sword:// URLs to use automaticaly, as of
    its 0.1.8 release.

10. There are tooltips on all Module Manager buttons.

11. Internally, Xiphos now uses consistent pseudo-URLs to reference other
    parts of the Sword tool universe.

12. The link dialog for journal/prayer list editing can test non-verse
    references (i.e. general books and dictionaries).

13. The Preference pages for pane visibility selection and module
    selection have been removed; they were redundant with visibility
    selection via the View menu and module selection via the sidebar.

Problems resolved

 1. Some misbehavior of the newest release of our main display driver has
    been worked around (also fixed as a patch in 3.1.3).

 2. Previewer window headings are now consistent.

 3. Non-U.S. keyboards are correctly interpreted in all cases.

 4. Freshly-installed modules can be indexed immediately, without closing
    and re-opening the Module Manager. 

 5. Images display correctly in all contexts.  Previously, they would not
    display in parallel windows with the older display driver.

 6. Commentary-by-chapter has been made available for personal commentaries.

 7. Minor differences in the engine regarding Strong's and morphology are
    handled correctly.

 8. Several bugs related to interrupted searches were fixed.

 9. Several uses of misspelled "hight" have been replaced.

10. Much cleanup of old, dead code and unused data bits.

Bug reports addressed since 3.1.3:
2849660  prevent crash by insisting on minimum pane sizes.
2871689  segfault in parallel settings
2889661  CTRL+A : quit the program instead of CTRL+Q
2977026  add html meta utf-8 for exported content.
2997121  xulrunner fails to jump to anchor
2998625  Text color problem
3000552  Xiphos crashes when closing the about window for a module
3022383  crash in xiphos-3.1.3 module manager
3022385  crash in xiphos-3.1.3-1.fc12: BackEnd::set_treekey
3022514  DBD ver. 1.2 not displaying text.
3027370  Xiphos crashes if current directory contains languages dir
3077109  crash on commentary search when no commentary available
3077178  Crash on shutdown when paratab selected
3077179  crash when choosing 'print' for empty module
3077180  empty module crash
3077181  empty dictionary crash
3082210  Jumps to first verse in chapter
3084794  xiphos cannot be built against gtkhtml 3.32

Feature requests closed:
1994953  doublespace becomes per-module option, previewer font size down 1.
2053524  Port to Maemo OS2008 (Internet Tablet)
2582195  Launch a specific session in a terminal: give tabs file as argv[1].
2717893  [item 1] PL/J menu added to main File menu.
2796313  Help: 3.8.Keyboard Shortcuts: order by tasks - re-ordered list.
2832230  local install of 1st modules.
2889661  hotkey to activate sidebar search.
2928849  new prefs-based parallel window.
3011406  "complete" package download

Release 3.1.3
22 Mar 2010

This is an urgent bugfix release, largely due to compatibility needs
with regard to library packages that have been, or are soon to be,
released in environments we support.

Notably: [1] Upcoming xulrunner 1.9.2 in Linux had a conflict with
respect to Nautilus file browser windows during module manager use;
[2] The new version of the ftp access library, curl v7.20, had
conflicts with the underlying Sword library ("the engine").

We also addressed a number of other, less critical bugs, and have
formally dropped support for these old environments: Windows 2000 (10+
years old!), Fedora < 10 (F13 is about to be released), Ubuntu < 9.04
(10.04 is about to be released).  For other Linux versions, this
generally corresponds to gtkhtml3 older than 2.14.

Small bugfixes and features: Navigation support for footnotes
containing intra-verse anchors (e.g. "Gen1:2#n12"); editor support for
links in prayerlist/journal modules and personal commentaries
providing navigation either directly ("sword://" URLs) or via verse
list machinery; fully-supported word processor copy/paste; improved
Portuguese and Chinese translations; universal synchronization with
detached windows was fixed; smallcaps "LORD" is now pronounced
correctly in read-aloud; lack of settings file won't crash Xiphos; on
genbook bookmark click, ensure its pane comes to the front.

Bug reports addressed since 3.1.2:
2915026  Right to Left Languages - Display
2915912  RToL toolbar number order
2918463  crash detected in Fedora 12 xiphos-3.1.1
2924074  verse selection causes scroll-to-top
2928849  Parallel views (reset) problem
2936311  Add Link action not able to use bible:// for verse links
2941678  Book name up arrow
2941684  Small caps in "LORD"
2943173  freeaddrinfo (win2k compatibility - dropped)
2951941  Turkish Ubuntu blocks display of Old Testament books
2956797  Xiphos crashes when trying to edit
2958644  Nautilus?  -  Xiphos doesn't show bible text
2936311  Add Link action not able to use bible:// for verse links
2961704  crash detected in xiphos-3.1.2 module manager
2972686  Arabic is not right-aligned

Feature requests closed:
2781509  Export->Copy HTML doesn't work properly
2791414  Parallel View tab should behave like a real tab
2791621  Biblical resource in seperate window: synchronize from/with?
2795762  Reference bar: Choosing a book name
2799867  Increase reducing of window sizes
2893826  Versification in the Psalms
2902403  How to install for other than listed OS
2907492  Interlinear commentary
2925935  One Year Daily reading Schedule
2928388  personal note deletion
2932551  Shortcut Keys

Release 3.1.2
24 Dec 2009

Merry Christmas from the Xiphos development team.

This version of Xiphos is the final intermediate release prior to the
larger features planned for the forthcoming 3.2.  This release
contains several interesting new features and enhancements, and (as
always) a number of bugfixes.

New features

 1. We have implemented a Xiphos-internal interface language selector,
    via Preferences -> General -> Options.  This makes unnecessary
    most previous uses of difficult-to-understand environment
    variables to control the desired language choice.  Choosing a new
    language requires a restart of Xiphos.

 2. Bookmarks are exportable.  Select XML, HTML, or plaintext.  For
    the latter two, select whether to include the text referenced.

 3. The StudyPad and personal commentary editor has gained a Link
    dialog, by which to arrange for verse reference linkage.

 4. Xiphos' main window navigation can be sampled and driven via
    external programs such as Bibledit, notably in support of Bible
    translators' work.  (For developers, this uses the dbus feature.
    A test program to exercise this feature can be found in

 5. The Module Manager has a first-time-user introductory dialog,
    to offer brief explanation of its several parts.  All users, even
    long-time users, will get it exactly once.

 6. CrossWire's module repository is forced as "current" after use of
    the Load Standard button, which updates Xiphos' sense of which
    repositories are officially recognized by CrossWire.

 7. Universal synchronization has been implemented between the main
    window and all detached windows, including embedded parallel tab.
    Navigating in any synchronized window makes all synchronized
    windows follow.

 8. The verse number color selector has been resurrected, erroneously
    removed in the early days of GnomeSword 2.2(!).  (Why did we do
    that?  Nobody remembers.)

 9. New interface translations: Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Chinese.
    (The last of these has been mechanically generated and is very,
    very rough at this time -- it will need human attention to gain
    acceptable quality.)

10. New icons for module lists; RtoL icons for use in Hebrew and Farsi.

Enhancements to existing behavior

 1. The Help->Chat interface has been improved by offering a default
    IRC nickname based on the user's login name.

 2. Huge improvements have been made to startup, search, and module
    manager setup times, due to internal refactoring of the usage of
    the Sword library.

 3. Icons have been added to all dialogs which lacked them.

 4. Hebrew searches have been improved.

 5. The verse annotation feature localizes verse references.

 6. The main window title follows currently-open modules better.

 7. Sidebar search has had improvements and fixes.

 8. Internal improvements for poorly-marked-up module content,
    including crash avoidance.  Some module content is really
    dangerously bad.

 9. Improved passage export and printing.

10. Much work has been done for Windows with regard to our better
    display engine, but it is still not complete, and not present in
    today's Windows build for public distribution.  To be done in 3.2.

11. Devotionals have been removed from Lookup Selection lists on the
    right-click context menu.

12. All locale-selection logic has been completely reworked.

13. Cosmetic improvements have been made to Module Manager's and main
    window's menus.

14. The Enter key is recognized for completion in bookmarks and user

15. Module archival in Module Manager no longer requires external
    program support.

16. Many dependencies on GNOME libraries have been removed.  We are
    intending to completely de-GNOME Xiphos, in favor of reliance on
    GTK support alone.

Problems resolved

 1. An error in use of FTP repository registration was fixed.

 2. When doing searches, both sidebar and advanced, the "purplify"
    word-match facility has been rewritten from the ground up, and
    correctly identifies your search keywords.

 3. Tab names do not show the commentary when the general book is
    displayed instead.

 4. A focus-and-select bug was fixed, when deleting one interface tab.

 5. Corrections were made to text justification handling for RtoL
    (right-to-left) languages (Hebrew, Farsi).

 6. Minor adjustments to display have been made due to subtle
    differences in text markup variety (ThML -vs- OSIS).

 7. A crash induced by dictionary usage with none installed was fixed.

Improvements and helps for developers

    - Function prototypes are enforced.
    - The debug build of Xiphos includes substantial null pointer
      detection in the use of certain common string functions.
    - The ImageMagick dependency is gone, replaced with GTK functions.
    - --enable-silent-rules leads to far less chatty output during
      build.  Get noisy output temporarily with "V=1 make".
    - File, URL, and Help invocations are now very general and use
      uniform underlying library support.
    - XPCOM_GLUE dependency errors have been fixed.
    - Timers have been implemented to show SWMgr creation delays.
    - Many, many updates to the build system and the Windows installer.

Bug reports addressed since 3.1.1:
2908987  crash detected in xiphos-3.1.1-1.fc12
2896427  Isa 49:6 in HunKar text
2893828  Malachi 4:6 in Aleppo text
2878951  KJV Stongs lexicon stops at 5624 (ophelimos)
2873367  Advanced Search results: Hotkey(s) to display Preview
2873362  Hotkey for activating simple searches not working
2872186  missing verses
2862814  Crash when compiled against xulrunner
2858494  Bible Window Does Not Automatically Display Selected Verse
2852779  delete source button enlarge sources list in twice
2849730  Lucene Text Fields search not working
2849693  Parallel view tab does not honour link tabs setting
2848320  Preview: Symboles for Footnotes
2844863  Lucene Search: Not finding all results
2841441  per verse annotation - localized reference

New feature requests pending:
2907492  Interlinear commentary
2902403  How to install for other than listed OS
2901374  Need for Serbian translation
2893826  Versification in the Psalms
2890364  Don't need to see strongs numbers, morphology
2873364  Highlight also upper case words
2873363  Shortcut/hotkey for simple/sidebar searches
2836740  Additional versification systems

Feature requests closed:
2871373  Increase number of texts in parallel view
2840134  Hide Verse Numbers in Copy/Export
2824127  Sidebar search: Regular expression?

Release 3.1.1
09 Aug 2009

Today's release is for intermediate bugfixes and small features.  We
are still working toward several major features' completion for 3.2,
but slow summer schedules have left us needing to present these
smaller issues to the public.

 1. The Help->Chat interface had to change, because policy equilibrium
    broke down between Freenode, where our #xiphos channel exists, and
    the folks who run mibbit, the previous browser chat interface.
    Now we use Freenode's own.

 2. Per-verse user annotations ("inline marking").  Along with the
    personal commentary plus journals and prayer lists, we now offer a
    smaller, more immediate form of personalized markup.  In dead-tree
    Bibles, many people use a yellow highlighter to mark verses,
    writing marginal notes to themselves.  Xiphos now offers this as
    "Annotate Verse" on the right-click context menu.  Ask to
    annotate, and a dialog for the current verse opens, offering a
    text box in which to type a note to oneself.  Finish by clicking
    "Mark."  Remove an annotation by selecting "Unmark" instead.  When
    an annotation is visible in the current chapter, it is displayed
    in reverse emphasis colorization (default, navy blue on yellow)
    and the beginning of the verse gains a marker *u, after the
    fashion of footnote *n and cross-reference *x.  Mouse-hover on
    this new marker and the previewer shows your personal annotation.
    When marking, delete the module name in the dialog to make the
    annotation apply to any Bible module.

 3. There is a new geography interface through BibleMap.org:
    Mouse-select any place name, right-click, select Lookup Selection
    -> Browse in BibleMap.org.  Your browser will open a new window to
    obtain a Google Maps-driven display of that place.

 4. Module manager now can do automatic repository discovery from the
    "known repositories" list maintained at CrossWire.  At the moment,
    the 4 entries there duplicate the 4 hard-coded names previously
    known to Xiphos, though the official names change somewhat.  In
    the module manager, on the Sources page, there is now a button
    labeled Load Standard, which updates your list of sources from the
    official content.  It does not remove any, but it will replace any
    that have exactly the same name with their updated information.
    It will be necessary to remove any old-name versions manually,
    because Xiphos cannot detect that they are duplicates.

 5. An ancient module manager bug was fixed, where closing the mod.mgr
    via the title bar "X" decoration would leave the mod.mgr unable to
    re-open until after a restart.

 6. An equally ancient difficulty with the general book window (that
    alternates with commentary) not being filled when first viewed was
    finally fixed.

 7. A workaround is in place regarding a failure of the logic for
    removing a module list from Advanced Search.  Also, other logic
    for creation of module lists and range lists has been updated.

 8. The verse navbar now has normal relief on book/chapter/verse.

 9. A failure to redisplay properly after loading a tab set is fixed.

10. Freakish European keyboard Ctrl +/- should now work.

11. Some fixes were applied to journal/prayerlist editing.

12. If the sidebar is detached, it now gets a title bar name.

13. Bugfixes to the logic which preserves tab names as they are added
    or deleted.

14. New Slovak translation.

15. Strong's markup is now handled in pre-verse headers.

16. Ctrl-F4 will delete a tab.

17. Some general resource management fixes have been made: Window size
    causing trouble with 2-verse context; lack of any genbooks making
    Xiphos unable to remember on what  Bible verse it should start;
    redisplay faults in several circumstances.

Bug reports addressed since 3.1:
2831484  Lacks support for deuterocanon
2828434  Xiphos Forget Where it Was
2827567  Selected verse does not show in window
2826433  Advanced Attribute/Footnote search: Preview?
2825256  Different Logo
2819999  Advanced Searches: Creat new custom range: not working
2818966  Search: using ?: no or wrong results
2818957  Search: using +: no results or crash
2817351  Module Manager problems
2816143  Show/Hide Sidebar <-> width of Commentary pane
2815612  Cross reference in seperate window change module of main one
2815605  Cross references in seperate Bible text: Back to what?
2813865  Deleting middle tab makes problem for first one
2801620  Xiphos shows too many linebreaks
2801566  Preview stops working if exiting with minimal window height
2801550  Tabs document not parsed successfully?
2801515  Adding a child to the root of journal causes problems
2800991  Reference choice by Sidebar/Module not working
2800932  Open session: not showing text in biblical texts
2799900  Show Previewer in Sidebar: Footnotes not shown
2797795  View Daily Devotion not working
2797792  Manual: Menubar: History
2797741  Manual/Sidebar/shortcuts
2797731  Classification of resources
2797262  Change of base font size
2796406  unexpected shutdowns
2796241  Install on Ubuntu 8.04
2795781  Studypad/Intended paragraph: Justification not working
2795743  Tab name mixed up
2795741  segfaults under Arch Linux

New feature requests pending:
2832230  No option for local install on fresh install
2824127  Sidebar search: Regular expression?
2817333  Module: Install/Update: Hotkeys
2815637  Cross referencs in seperate windows: book,commentaries?
2814482  Keep seperate windows at restart
2813891  Switching off Commentary: name kept for Tab
2813476  Interface localization
2813475  Selectable number of columns in parallel view layout
2805266  Parallel View: Allow to display less Biblical texts
2800947  Sessions: more settings to be remembered
2799867  Increase reducing of window sizes
2798728  How to localized the interface of XI?
2798255  Manual: View Daily Devotion
2797805  View: Hide (attached) sidebar
2797801  Manual: Explain Link Tabs
2797789  Open pane for activated resource
2797780  Manual: Synchronize resources in seperate windows
2797739  Manual/Sidebar/Modules:Rightclick description
2796313  Help: 3.8.Keyboard Shortcuts: order by tasks
2795762  Reference bar: Choosing a book name
2792003  Saved sets of parallelism
2792001  Sessions Menu

Feature requests closed:
2818965  Search: using ?: no or wrong results
2817369  Parallel View: Display more than one verse
2817366  Parallel View: vertical tiled Biblical texts
2801630  Showing the Sourceforge/Xiphos webpage at restart
2805809  Cross references link to modules in panes/seperate window
2800180  in-line marking capability
2797304  Hotkey for right click
2797292  Range of font sizes
2795770  hotkey to close tab
2795768  Hotkeys for the choice of a bible reference
2795758  Detached sidebar: Name

Release 3.1
17 May 2009

This is a release to introduce two important features in Windows
(improved feature parity with Linux) plus numerous small features and
bugfixes for all platforms.

 1. The Windows build now supports ReadAloud (text-to-speech) and
    transliteration of non-Latin character sets. It is also now 
    packaged with the latest SWORD release, 1.6.0, and includes the
    utilities for creating and working with modules.

 2. The module manager is no longer modal, that is, the module manager
    does not monopolize the application's attention: You can begin
    downloading or indexing modules, and then go back to work in the
    main window.

 3. New interface translations: Norwegian and Welsh.  We should have
    an Afrikaans translation in time for 3.2.

 4. New prayerlists/journals offer sensible default names, and their
    editor support is much improved, including offering to save on

 5. RtoL languages' (right-to-left, such as Farsi and Hebrew)
    scrollbars go on the correct side.

 6. Bookmark support:
    Search results may be saved as bookmarks or sets of bookmarks.
    Bookmarks containing multiple verses work.
    Single-verse bookmarks auto-navigate directly when clicked.
    Multi-verse bookmarks engage the verse list, where individual
    selections can be made.

 7. Automatic lemma lookup in inverted Greek dictionary for ancient
    texts.  This has marginal utility pending improvements to Sword's
    dictionary support due to inconsistent key sort.

 8. 'j' and 'k' have been added for keyboard-driven verse selection.

 9. Module options are consistent between main and separate windows.

10. Images' display has been fixed so as to use correct size when
    first displayed.

11. The module manager provides tooltips that show the "about" content
    on mouse-hover during module list selection.

12. The passage copier/exporter is much improved, and similar to other
    applications' function.

13. In gtkhtml3 build, Advanced Search has gained a previewer scrollbar.

14. A great many fixes and minor improvements to many subsystems:
    - module archiving.
    - locale handling.
    - font size management.
    - spacing and highlight alignment.
    - mouse hover alignment selection on Strong's and morphology.
    - parallel Bible selection preservation.
    - splash icons, direction and highlight timing.
    - numerous code refactoring, cleanup, and efficiency improvements.
    - history management corrections.
    - "shift to lock previewer" fixes.
    - initial support for linked verses in Bibles.
    - fixed initial font issue in gtkhtml previewer
    - made the tab close buttons display correctly
    - added module labels that remain visible in parallel tab/dialog

Plans for the release after this revolve around final feature parity
between Linux and Windows (especially the better display engine,
providing many features such as blocked Strong's and morphology
display) and full integration of Sword's new alternate versification
capability with how Xiphos manages book/chapter/verse information.

Bug reports addressed since 3.0.1:
2792569  Restaring Ubuntu with Xiphos open gives error messages
2790711  first run - tabs not parsed successfully
2790487  Closing Xiphos looses unsaved changes in editor
2789990  Tabs: Chosen and showns bible references not the same
2789986  ISV MAT 1:19 crossref at 'secretly' not linked
2789959  navbar chapter up changes book (-2) in addition to chapter
2789879  "View Context" changes parallel view
2789217  crash - indexing modules in /usr/share/sword
2788398  Dropdown chapter number fails above 128
2786599  win32 - book names not localized
2785952  right-click->about on empty pane causes crash
2784883  archiving issues
2784533  Performance seems slow in XP
2783271  Parallel View tab moves to bottom of window
2781508  Commentary file->open module doesn't work properly
2781318  gtkhtml build-advanced search results does not have scrollba
2779126  Personal Commentary module crash
2764410  Segfault in commentary view window
2762625  module manager - maintenance
2737136  Headings problem in detached bible window
2707964  Chinese Version
2704666  gtkhtml build "Hold shift to lock previewer" does not work
2704659  Parallel view always shows variants
2704655  History glitches
2704651  genbook tab, show Bible doesn't show navbar
2599921  Copy fails in detached windows

New feature requests pending:
2791621  Biblical resource in seperate window: synchronize from/with?
2791414  Parallel View tab should behave like a real tab
2790489  Add Bible References to Study Pad
2789881  Default CSS file
2781509  Export->Copy HTML doesn't work properly
2717893  Prayerlist/Daily Journal Enhancements

Feature requests closed:
2793036  e-Sword bibles support [not being done at this time]
2792002  Better keyboard support
2789998  Choice of module options in tabs/seperate windows
2789973  Resizing seperate windows
2744739  When closing Xiphos could remember last place
2705145  Allow moving to previous/next verse by 'j' and 'k' keys

Release 3.0.1
19 Feb 2009

A necessary bugfix release.

Immediately upon release of 3.0.0, a serious incompatibility with
Windows (NTFS) filesystem was found: Users whose names include
characters beyond the lower 128 characters of ASCII caused trouble
in pathnames due to not having accommodated a particular encoding
required by the filesystem.  This encoding is now handled.

Beyond this, a number of other matters were addressed:

 1. Added transliteration support from non-Latin character sets.
    This is not enabled in the Windows build due to incomplete ICU

 2. Fixed a crash-inducing bug in detached ("free-floating") Bible
    and commentary windows, from context menu synchronization.  This
    was redundant with the sync button in upper left, so the menu
    item was removed, and a glitch in the sync button's use was fixed.

 3. Sidebar module list entries can be expanded by clicking anywhere
    on the row.

 4. Only when not using tabbed browsing, a crash on history usage was
    stopped, though a full fix for tab-less history access is pending.

 5. Minor changes to accommodate forthcoming Fedora 11.

 6. A PDF version of the manual is included.

 7. Windows installer will set new fonts correctly; bold & italic
    fonts are included; uninstaller runs much faster.

 8. Fixed a disappearing-button problem in the module manager, as well
    as several instances of faulty mutex usage.

Bug reports addressed since 3.0.0:
2593915  Crash on menuitem in detached bible window
2545562  Not all Strong occurences found

New feature requests pending:
2582195  Launch a specific session in a terminal

Feature requests closed:

Release 3.0
08 Feb 2009

Xiphos begins life, as the former GnomeSword.

We have changed our name to Xiphos because GnomeSword was deemed too
obscure, especially considering our anticipated new user base.  Xiphos
("ξίφος") is one of several Greek words for "sword".  Pronunciation of
the name Xiphos can be learned from a sample audio file you will find
in share/doc/xiphos; approximately, "ksee-fos."

This release represents a huge new chapter in our program's life.

Per-platform notes for this release.

 1. Linux:
    a. In the most recent Fedora and Ubuntu releases, the invocation of
       the editor (personal commentary, prayer list/journal) will induce
       several harmless warning messages to occur.

 2. Windows:
    a. Xiphos runs under Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7-beta.
    b. A few additional fonts are included with the installer (FreeSerif
       and LinuxLibertine) and they are correctly installed, but they may
       not immediately become available on installation completion.  We
       do not yet understand why.  At worst, a reboot is needed.
    c. The module list "treeview" sometimes becomes unnavigable by mouse
       clicks.  This seems to be a Windows-specific flaw in the port of
       the GTK library which drives the treeview.  If it occurs, it will
       be evident as soon as Xiphos starts; simply restart it.
    d. The font used in the previewer should reflect the intended font of
       the module whose content is being previewed there.  If Xiphos
       starts up with the previewer embedded in the sidebar, then such
       font choices are not properly respected.
    e. Print preview does not work, though printing does.

Major new features, operational improvements, and bugfixes:

 1. Windows port.  It is very nearly complete; only a couple features
    are missing.  Most notably, they are the MozEmbed display engine
    and the "read aloud" facility using Festival text-to-speech.  We
    anticipate both of these features becoming available in a later
    3.x release but there was simply not enough time to get everything
    done for this release.

 2. A fabulous new look, with the support of professional graphics
    designers having done a facelift of our graphics, both in the
    program and on the website.

 3. Configure with --enable-paratab to obtain the detached parallel
    window as another tab and to put the previewer into the sidebar.
    See the View menu.

 4. Standard module repository setup for first-time users.

 5. Image resize enabled by default.

 6. Commentary-by-chapter display, as a commentary module option,
    rather than just per-verse commentary.

 7. Consistent dialog usages: Y/N questions and file browsers.

 8. Module manager: Remembers previous settings.  New remote source is
    set as current.  Tooltips over icons in module manager lists.
    Visual improvements by showing repository in use and separating
    full module lists from limited update/uninstalled lists.  Now
    functions correctly with both shared and personal storage areas.

 9. Compatibility with forthcoming Sword engine updates for dynamic
    versification ("dv11n").  Future modules will support e.g.
    deuterocanonical books in Catholic Bibles.

10. More uniform module option support in parallel window.

11. Dictionary links auto-display in the previewer, after the
    fashion of Strong's and morphology references.

12. Better Help menu selections: Online chat support, bug reporting,
    mailing list pointers.

13. Better search term highlighting in both sidebar and dialog search.

14. Double-click navigation of search results entries.

15. Improved/fixed search abort.  Assume "AND" semantic for sidebar
    multiple word search.

16. Countless internal cleanups, efficiency improvements, and
    bugfixes, the need for many of which was exposed by the Windows
    port effort.

17. Additions to the manual, especially for instruction on original
    language research and how to get help.

18. Better integration of image support with ImageMagick libraries.

19. Respect for configuration-specified font choices (Font= and
    Fontsize= in module configuration files).

20. Improvements to build-time configuration support.

21. Fixed fast search ("lucene") index creation.
    NOTE: The implication of this bugfix is that any existing
    index is in error.  You should re-create all module indexes.

Bug reports addressed since 2.4.1:
2264199  Long custom Module lists make search gui too wide
2264209  Scrolling to next/previous chapter no longer works
2264276  Words with preceding punctuation dict lookup fails
2267026  Attribute search fails if preceding '0' is in search
2309713  Building with gecko fails on Debian
2334366  Building fails with xulrunner-1.9
2384287  Uninstalling current Bible module causes crashes.
2385811  Gnomesword crashes on attempted studypad sync
2390811  Search fails when Gnomesword builds indexes
2412580  Indexing Gnomesword-created modules fails
2413029  Printing User Created Modules ignores markup
2416023  Local Source Reports Incorrect Installation Status
2423941  Printing, then navigating genbook causes crash
2423950  Module Manager doesn't refresh after local installation
2430285  gtkhtml parallel view issues
2471807  gtkhtml previewer font
2471811  Bookmarks do not work for user-created modules
2471830  First Run, First Tab Navigation issue
2474005  Genbooks do not allow navigation from address bar
2486766  Mozembed Parallel View doesn't respect cross-reference
2486769  Parallel view right-click->copy does nothing
2532349  mozembed doesn't respect default dictionary
2539788  [PATCH] Update FSF address

New feature requests pending:
2533238  Copy verse functionality (like e-sword)

Feature requests closed:
2409256  Ability to scroll to the next chapter
2407301  Double Click Search Results to Display Verse

Release 2.4.1
05 Nov 2008

Ongoing requested feature enhancements in stable 2.4.

 1. GnomeSword now takes control of sword:// URLs without asking any
    question, iff there was previously no handler for them.  (In a
    debug build, the question is still asked, but with better phrasing.)

 2. Intermediate module paths for prayer lists are properly constructed.

 3. GnomeSword can be built under Solaris (--enable-gtkhtml3 only).

 4. Ctrl-F "find" capability: Without a Bible pane, it operates in
    comm/book pane; without that, it operates in dictionary pane.

 5. Advanced Search provides search term highlight in result preview.
    Also, the Find button toggles to Stop during a search.

 6. New icons, courtesy of Simon Meers.

 7. Module configuration default font specifications.  If a configuration
    contains "Font=Some Font Name" or "Fontsize=+2", GnomeSword will
    respect that as a default.  The user can change it of course, but any
    time the user resorts to default font name or +0 size, module
    configuration takes over.

 8. Companion modules: If a Bible or commentary has configuration file
    element Companion=OtherModule, then GnomeSword will offer to open
    that module as well when opening the first module.

 9. F1-F4 provide help, preferences, advanced search, and module manager.

Bug reports addressed since 2.4.0:
2163853  Scrolling Issues
2186692  GnomeSword cannot create module's path

New feature requests pending:
2190241  keys should work normally

Feature requests closed:
2121811  DRC and Vulgate are not Correct

Release 2.4.0 -stable-
20 Sep 2008

Moving past the "development" 2.3 line to "stable" 2.4 with these updates
in the post-2.3.6 shakedown:

 1. Journal/prayer list support is enabled by default.

 2. Selecting choices for Strong's modules is now complete, and Preferences
    comboboxes have gained an instructive "--Select--" first entry.

 3. New translations, Swedish and Hebrew.

 4. Sort capability in mod.mgr has been disabled (contextually pointless).

 5. Module deletions are reflected immediately in list on completion.

 6. An error in tab labeling has been fixed.

 7. Phrasing in several areas was improved for translation ease and clarity.

 8. Ctrl-plus/minus change the base font size.

 9. Naming change: "Pinned" tabs => "linked" tabs.

10. '_' is accepted in module naming (journals/prayer lists/pers.comm).

11. Search results are clearable in advanced search.

12. Mouse activity is ignored during long-running mod.mgr actions.

13. An ancient mem.alloc glitch in genbook modnames was fixed.

14. The passage exporter is enabled by default; --enable-exporter is no
    longer needed.

15. The Help menu contains a reference to Translation, to solicit others'
    help in making GnomeSword more accessible to more language groups.

16. Navbar load glitch when switching between 1- and 2-testament Bibles
    has been fixed.

Bug reports addressed since 2.3.6:
2036800  Prayer list/journal name only accepts English
2040344  module manager needs to lock left panel
2040347  adv.search can't clear results
2069455  module deletion not reflected in list
2069476  sorting by module name contains categories
2079930  Strongs Hebrew/Greek numbers don't lookup
2084401  Problem compiling with xul-1.9/firefox 3 on Debian/Gentoo
2105812  main navbar wrongly loaded when switching

New feature requests pending:
2053524  Port to Maemo OS2008 (Internet Tablet)

Feature requests closed:
2056615  Option to hide verse numbers

Release 2.3.6
02 Aug 2008

 1. In the module manager, along with the usual per-module-type
    categorization of modules, the mod.mgr also produces a parallel
    per-availability categorization, for updated and uninstalled
    modules.  This makes it easier to find new stuff, rather than having
    to crawl through all the per-type listings.

 2. The module manager alphabetizes the available language selections.
    Also, locale-specific language names are in all module lists.
    (Note for Cygwin: The Cygwin pango library is buggy, tripping over
    some valid UTF-8...by aborting.  *sigh*  For this reason, it has been
    necessary to cripple Cygwin's use of locale-specific language names.)

 3. General books' bookmarks are generated using the key text rather
    than an arcane internal numeric module offset.

 4. Devotionals open to today's MM.DD key, rather than attempting
    (and always failing) to open on the current dictionary key.

 5. An Advanced Search bug has been fixed, which caused failure when a
    custom list contained a deleted module.

 6. Genbook navbar tooltips have been made a bit more understandable.

 7. Main verse navigation has keyboard shorcuts on variations of N/P.

 8. The personal commentary editor can be invoked with Alt-Z.

 9. Locked modules' cipher keys are stored correctly.

10. Image, Map, and Daily Devotional modules no longer appear in more
    than one module list.

11. Prayer lists have expanded to include a general journal concept; a
    few crash bugs have been fixed, and templates for journals & topical
    outlines are available.  These user-editable modules seem now to be
    suitable for general user-driven module creation in genbook format.

12. The Advanced Search dialog's Find button also stops a search.

13. Almost 8000 language abbrev names are known, for module list purposes.

14. Comboboxes in Preferences now limit dictionary subcategories correctly
    (i.e. HebrewDef, GreekDef, Daily Devotionals).

Bug reports addressed since 2.3.5:
1973928  key entry not saved in .conf
1994431  seg fault when incorrect source
2033166  Same selection in more combo boxes

New feature requests pending:
2009652  studypad should be able to save as plain text

Feature requests closed:
1991842  Some suggestions for personal commentary
2009885  Cancel a search

Release 2.3.5
02 Jul 2008

Mostly an urgent bugfix release.

1. GnomeSword can now link with the gtkhtml-3.23.2 API, so as no
   longer to require the Bonobo editor (but still backward-compatible
   to those systems needing it).

2. A couple small glitches noticed immediately post-2.3.4 have been fixed.

3. A serious search bug, in which a change in Sword's behavior was not
   being correctly handled in GnomeSword, has been fixed.

4. A failure to build in some environments (esp. Ubuntu) has been fixed.

5. Display of n:0 editorial content is stopped when headings are disabled.

6. An infloop bug was fixed, induced by Adv.Search being open when an
   xref is clicked.

Bug reports addressed since 2.3.4:
1973933  per-module font size not respected in parallel view tab
1977884  GS_StringMgr crash on attribute search
1991836  Segmentation fault
1995108  Segmentation Fault While Searching
1999299  GodsWord ver 1.2 module appears corrupt
2008263  Searching Segfault

New feature requests pending:
1991842  Some suggestions for personal commentary
1994953  Fine tune display settings

Feature requests closed:
1994956  Previewer settings

Release 2.3.4
26 May 2008

1. Primary/secondary reading selections, used mostly in Greek Bibles to
   identify variant readings found in ancient MSS, is functional for the
   first time.

2. Prayer list support is enabled in the Preferences dialog.  Several
   varieties of prayer list are then available by right-clicking the
   new element in the modules list.

3. Per-module font face choices are respected in detached parallel view
   (mozembed build only; gtkhtml3 can't cope with multiple faces).

4. Module manager remembers last settings.

5. A passage exporter facility is now available on the right-click menu,
   if GnomeSword is configured with --enable-exporter.

6. GnomeSword can now be built against the xulrunner display engine,
   as a replacement for MozEmbed.  However, xulrunner has been shown to
   be fundamentally broken at this time, and we do not recommend it.

GnomeSword now requires Sword 1.5.11.

Bug reports addressed since 2.3.3:
1747281  2.3: can't drag-n-drop from adv.search [unresolvable]
1863160  efficiency: full module cache usage
1872525  PATCH: Fix build errors with gcc-4.3
1894262  application crashes since kernel upgrade
1906644  Personal Commentary Quotes
1906647  Showing Commentary Pane
1906651  New Document
1910081  Strong's Greek will not Look-up
1915596  text in preview window clears if mouse enters bible view
1923337  det.parallel needs to respect module font names
1928119  Build failures with gcc 4.3
1928469  Compiling gnomesword with latest xulrunner

New feature requests pending:
1894899  communication between gnomesword and bibledit
1923328  Parsing/definition on word mouseover
1941126  Scrolling between chapters

Feature requests closed:
1194044  prayer list
1923319  Greek/Hebrew fonts in Parallel View
1947593  chapters in parallel view.

Release 2.3.3
20 Jan 2008

1. Module manager supports display of InstallSize qualifiers from
   *.conf, when provided by the repository's modules.  This allows users
   to make informed decisions about whether to spend link time or disc
   space for modules.

2. Improved algorithm for displaying complex lemma content so as not
   to display overlapping words.

3. Non-"latinate arabic" numerals are supported for LC_ALL=fa to go with
   general Farsi translation.  This is inherently incomplete, because
   location bars still must display regular digits.  However, verse numbers
   in text, navbar spinners, and most other contexts are displayed

4. Updated special-case NASB lexicon names (soon, very soon, we hope) and
   adjust/fix/neuter weird embedded `!' in their refs.

5. Module manager now supports "local" install, that is, if you have
   a directory of modules to install in appropriate format.  Commonly
   expected for use with e.g. distribution cdroms.  This has never
   been tested/working before now.

6. Image content can now be disabled on demand from the right-click menu.
   This option does not become available until the first time that
   GnomeSword notices that there have been images in the content.

Bug reports addressed since 2.3.2:
1870036  mod.mgr cannot do local installs
1864007  NASB's lexicon refs need adjustment
1860365  lemma display hack is very poor

New feature requests pending:

Feature requests closed:
1869036  need farsi numerals
1860685  mod.mgr should support InstallSize in *.conf

Release 2.3.2
26 Dec 2007

This is an intermediate bugfix release, to correct a small number of
varyingly important or long-standing issues.

1. Drag-n-drop from adv.search almost works again: Keys containing `/'
   or whitespace were not being processed correctly, and the gecko
   subsystem was simply not accepting the request.  However, there is
   still a problem in MozEmbed where, once a gecko element (any of the
   main subwindows) has had focus, drag-n-drop cannot complete and the
   program, and possibly the desktop, are hung -- there is a gtk signal
   connection problem yet to be understood fully.  (This problem is
   MozEmbed-specific and does not occur in gtkhtml at all.)

2. Core dumps in adv.search induced by offset handling in lexdicts
   and genbooks were eliminated.

3. Image resizing is not disabled just because one image failed.
   Complaints on image resize failure are made just once per page.

4. Fit gconf setup dialog strings into a smaller text box.

Bug reports addressed since 2.3.1:
1857805  Bug report when starting gnomesword2
1855521  Build failure with xulrunner-1.9-beta2
1830932  strcasestr() is nonstandard, more than just cygwin
1830919  test before adding g++ options to flags
1828280  Text not translated
1824138  no lexdict => crash or log complaints
1808047  Czech translation -- grammatical error
1802257  highlighting will be case sensitive even if the search isn't
1781816  2.3 gtkhtml3 integration bugs
1747281  2.3: can't drag-n-drop from adv.search

New feature requests pending:

Feature requests closed:


Release 2.3.1
14 Oct 2007

This is a test and evaluation release.

Today's 2.3 is a test release of the replacement and re-integration of
the old gtkhtml3 display engine with the new MozEmbed display engine.
Thus, version 2.2 is officially defunct, an evolutionary dead end.  As
such, the 2.3 series of releases, which we hope to be mercifully short
until stability can be again declared when released as 2.4, represents
a major functional change from 2.2, mostly internally, but nonetheless
with quite a number of user-visible changes.

See the manual, especially section 3.9, "Version Differences in
GnomeSword's Display," for details on what is different between
gtkhtml3 and MozEmbed.  MozEmbed provides a fundamentally prettier and
friendlier interface.  Note that not all platforms have adequate, or
any, MozEmbed support, e.g. Fedora Core 5 has some MozEmbed support,
but it is too out of date and buggy for GnomeSword's use; Windows with
Cygwin lacks MozEmbed entirely.  On such platforms, configure with
--enable-gtkhtml.  (On Cygwin, --enable-cygwin is necessary, and
includes configuration of gtkhtml3.)

GnomeSword requires underlying Sword support at version 1.5.10 or later.

Behavioral matters:

 1. The splash screen is enabled by default, especially for benefit of
    first-time users.

 2. Subwindow visibility state (Bible, commentary/genbook, previewer,
    dictionary, all selected from the View menu) is now maintained on a
    per-tab basis, rather than simply as global state.  Existing tabs
    files are auto-updated when they are first used, with current
    global state applied to all tabs, and then the tabs file is re-saved.

 3. Doublespace text and blocked Strong's+morph (only with MozEmbed).

 4. Book and chapter headings in Bibles, stored in modules as
    pseudoverses in 0:0 (per book) and n:0 (per chapter), are presented
    when headings are enabled.

 5. A new navbar has been implemented that looks generally better.
    That said, it appears not to look so good on Cygwin, with older GTK
    support; consider configuring with --enable-old_navbar there.

 6. Indices needed for fast "lucene" searches can now be built from
    the module manager.  An icon indicates the presence of a
    ready-for-use index.  Also, the module manager's appearance has been
    generally re-arranged to be a bit more functional and intuitive: The
    "remove" panel is now a general "maintenance" panel, and the
    "configure" and "sources" panels have been swapped.

 7. A base font size has been implemented; see Preferences.  All
    module font size choices are relative to this base.

 8. Daily Devotionals now get their own subtree in module lists in the
    sidebar and module manager.

 9. In line with newly-defined module configuration keywords and
    qualifiers, there are now also Maps and Images subtrees.

10. Additional keyboard shortcuts: Alt-B bookmark dialog, Alt-P detach
    parallel dialog window.

11. Locale names have been updated to accommodate more recent versions
    of existing modules (e.g. Farsi, Haitian Creole, Burmese, others).

12. "About" boxes for modules handle UTF-8 properly.

13. Duplicate install sources are now refused.

14. A module cache bug regarding mis-cached headers has been fixed.

15. A font error in highlighted verses was fixed.

16. "About GnomeSword" is a bit more informative and useful, showing
    GnomeSword's web site as well as the display engine with which
    GnomeSword was built (gtkhtml3 -vs- MozEmbed).

17. Both old style multi-word search and optimized ("lucene") search
    are available in advanced search.  Sidebar search is optimized,
    with a tooltip to assist on need for +First +Second for multi-word.

18. Many translation updates, plus new translations (e.g. Portuguese).

Known, unresolved flaws in this unstable test release:
1781816  gtkhtml3 integration bugs
	 (various problems specific to gtkhtml3 builds, involving
	  failure to follow mouse clicks in certain circumstances)
1747281  can't drag-n-drop from adv.search
	 (in either gtkhtml3 or MozEmbed, d&d has stopped working)

Bug reports addressed since 2.2.3:
1800106  Crash when searching
1783315  Footnotes in verse 0 not shown
1783300  locale names are out of date
1781886  upcased greek in most cases in cygwin
1769405  Can't open
1767851  A Search with bounds in the Side pane locks GS (sword-svn)
1764758  strongs on -> numbers verbalized
1752812  Not in Menu
1749534  failed footnote access in josephus
1747273  can't search over "current results"
1744444  blocked strongs fails NASB Eph 5:31
1744418  bad display of grk result in adv.search
1744400  edit->find...doesn't
1743789  transient note/xref is not transient
1743785  loss of per-module font in 
1743304  keyboard shortcuts are not working
1731993  splash should be enabled by default
1729936  unused configure flags should go away
1724254  Opening Necronomicon module crashes GnomeSword
1723580  opening study pad crashes gnomesword2
1723478  opening studypad causes gs to crash
1723159  Debian/GNU 4.0 - Gnomesword crashes on startup
1709398  Building under FreeBSD
1708829  crash on opening note editor
1706475  no genbooks + genbook navbar => crash
1703697  GnomeSword crashes on startup
1695949  Gnomesword crashes on startup: segfault in backend

New feature requests pending:

Feature requests closed:
1748022  daily devs should get their own mod.list
1738882  save subpanel view state on per-tab basis
1737648  Allow unlimited modules in the parallel view
1733421  need a base font size for all of GS
1726806  greek and hebrew
1711360  Lucene Indexing
1703135  Display Verse 0, Chapter 0:0 in Bible Texts
1691050  new king james version
1646037  very simple api for scrolling
1633426  update strong's/morph markup readability
1620313  Couple of bugs with module manager operation
1618837  global install of modules

Release 2.2.3
24 Mar 2007

1. A module cache has been implemented as a significant performance
   improvement.  As Bible text is visited, everything seen goes into
   an in-memory cache, so that subsequent navigation of the same text
   does not need to re-visit Sword.  If display options change
   (footnotes xrefs headings Strong's morph), the cache is invalidated
   and Sword is queried again to re-populate the display-ready cache.

   Display performance acid test:
     KJV Ps 119 (176 verses), all mod.opts enabled; spin verse selector.
     End-to-end (v1 -> v176) navigation time on 1.8GHz computer:
     GS 2.2.2, 441sec; GS 2.2.3, 102sec => 78% reduction.

2. Personal commentary archival, renaming, and verse dump are implemented
   (feat.req #1633407).  Archival is available via the module manager
   (any module may be archived); rename + dump are on the pers.comm
   popup menu.  [For Cygwin, regrets, NTFS prevents rename of files
   currently open, so module rename is not available there; but archive
   + dump are fine.]

3. Main window image content can be clicked to invoke an external image
   viewer (feat.req #1631815).  Support for this feature requires an
   enhancement to Sword itself beyond its 1.5.9 release (i.e. built from
   SVN at change level >= -r2035), but of course it builds/runs fine
   without this feature's availability using today's Sword 1.5.9.  Some
   day (soon?), Troy will release a new 1.5.something, or perhaps 1.6,
   which will contain this.

4. Finnish translation now available.

5. Sidebar verse lists are always savable (bug #1674149).

6. Improving i18n support now supports more non-ASCII searches
   (bug #1673598).

7. Mouse-selected Bible/commentary/genbook text can be read aloud using
   a popup menu selection, regardless of whether scripture reading is
   enabled on View -> Read Aloud.

Bug reports addressed since 2.2.2:
1687602  Module Manager crashes on FC6
1681135  Module manager crashes Gnomesword on startup
1674149  unable to save verse lists
1673598  cannot search personal for non-ascii chars
1667954  Missing modules in advanced-search window

New feature requests pending:

Feature requests closed:
1633407  personal commentary needs
1631815  open single-image window on click

Release 2.2.2 (maintenance)
23 Feb 2007

Behavioral matters:

1. The module manager now provides both short module name plus long
   module description on the right, and there is also a refresh icon
   between mismatched old & new version stamps of installed modules
   (bug #1666761).  GnomeSword now works around a Sword lib install
   manager bug when updating installed modules by deleting the old
   version before attempting to retrieve the new version (bug #1666748).
2. Several MM glitches related to unfindable or unusable newly-defined
   install sources have been fixed (bug #1666763, #1666759).
3. Some of the planned Advanced Search work has been done (feat.req
   #1615402).  E.g. you can select the Attributes radio button, then
   use the Attribute tab to define which attribute is in question.
   The Strong's syntax needed is now just H### or G###.
4. Many changes for improving i18n handling have been done.  (We need
5. The 2x2 set of buttons at the bottom of the sidebar have been moved
   to the top, where they sit near the rest of the mouse controls
   (bug #1666764).
6. GnomeSword can now build under MS-Windows in the Cygwin environment
   (feat.req #1124274), and gives every appearance of being fully
   functional there.  Doing so requires a bash script and two library tar
   files.  See ftp://ftp.kleinpaste.org/pub/sword/util/cygwin/

Bug reports addressed since 2.2.1:
1666764  sidebar buttons belong at top
1666763  MM loses track of newly-defined sources
1666761  MM: descriptions + refresh indicator
1666759  rem.source w/o bible text -> can't load
1666758  null genbook key -> crash
1666756  lack of icons in splash -> crash
1666755  strcasestr() is nonstandard
1666754  wrong morph for OT
1666751  GS infloops det.parallel on Rev22
1666748  need workaround for installmgr bug
1651736  Updated german Translation
1651514  Crasher bugs related to directories(?)
1651375  changing tabbed-view preference requires restart
1651077  osis-based commentary's xrefs don't work
1648806  Cannot add local module source directory
1647579  switching from local to remote causes crash
1646579  sidebar search, no bounds => crash
1645989  newly-defined install source unavailable

New feature requests pending:
1646037  very simple api for scrolling

Feature requests closed:
1642837  fullscreen support
1615402  advanced search needs help
1124274  GnomeSword for Windows

Release 2.2.1 (maintenance)
27 Jan 2007

Behavioral matters:

1. Genbooks now use a navbar in both dialog and Book View pane.
2. High-contrast highlight of current verse is available.
   (Edit->Prefs->Fonts->Colors, plus either View->Highlight Current Verse
    or Edit->Prefs->General->Misc->Highlight current verse.)
3. Unused verse number color preference was removed, as planned
   (feat.req #1620641).
4. Footnote content search works again, but it's a hack, it still uses
   an atrocious syntax, and we still need to do the planned rework in
   Advanced Search (feat.req #1615402).
5. Disabling both right-side panes completely disables right-side display
   (bug #1624753, feat.req #1624757).
6. GnomeSword enables GConf-based URL handling (feat.req #1613239).
7. There is code in place to do double-space text as soon as GTKMOZEMBED
   returns (feat.req #1193235).  #ifdef DOUBLESPACE keeps the View item
   out of visibility for the moment.  Improved Strong's/morph markup
   (feat.req #1633426) will follow soon.  Both depend on CSS.
8. Some new keyboard shortcuts have appeared (feat.req #1633397).  Alt-G
   focuses on the Genbook navbar, and thereafter arrow keys do what you
   expect.  Alt-C brings up the commentary.  Ctrl-L focuses the main
   verse navbar text.

Important usage note:

A genbook key handling bug exists in the Sword libs, in SVN after
their 1.5.9 release.  If you build Sword from SVN and you find that
you are unable to navigate to certain portions of some genbooks
(Finney, Heretics, Institutes), a workaround is this, for each module:
    cd ~/.sword/modules/genbook/rawgenbook/finney
    mod2imp Finney > finney.imp
    imp2gbs finney.imp
    rm finney.imp
That is, simple re-importation will make the module consistent with
itself in this regard.

Bug reports addressed since 2.2:
1643716  non UTF-8 chars with libsword built without icu
1643623  pers.comm. editor loses  on re-edit
1642835  TTS unavailable: Connection refused
1642603  loading a tab set leaves GS confused
1640907  long verse history -> pulldown-select fails
1639131  genbook footnotes are inaccessible
1635205  commentary dict lookup crashes GS
1634794  adv.search hates booknames w/spaces
1633109  gtk warnings from personal commentary
1632443  comm. fails to track beneath genbook
1631814  right-click -> Edit -> Find crashes
1631629  bible dialog uses wrong verse style
1629380  comm.dialog xref selection refers to wrong book
1628714  dialog commentaries select revelation?
1626605  Daily Devotion Does Not Display
1624753  "Show/Hide Sidebar" has a Weird Effect on the Right Sidebar
1623020  gnomesword tts
1622892  dict/lex cannot change xref setting

New feature requests pending:
1633426  update strong's/morph markup readability
1633407  personal commentary needs
1631815  open single-image window on click

Feature requests closed:
1642837  fullscreen support
1633397  shortcut: focus text cursor to verse bar
1624757  Add View Option to Toggle the Right Sidebar
1620641  "Verse numbers" font color is ignored
1613239  improve command line use of "sword://"
1193235  Allow text to be displayed double space
         (but inactive, pending return of GTKMOZEMBED)
 901894  Drop book list for search limit

Release 2.2
25 Dec 2006

Known deficiencies:

1. Footnote body search was very recently broken by other needed work
   in Advanced Search.  Other "attribute" searches (esp. Strong's
   refs) work, but not footnote body search.  This will be addressed
   early in the next development cycle: Advanced Search is due for
   another round of revamping, largely to simplify and enhance the
   operation of attribute searches.  See feature request #1615402.

2. The alternate HTML renderer code under the "mozembed" #ifdef is
   not functional at this time, and we do not know if such capability
   will return in a future release.  This means that the configure
   options --with-firefox and --with-seamonkey do not function.

3. The verse number font color preference is ignored; this will go
   away entirely soon, as verse numbers are links to themselves, for
   re-aligning verse navigation to the verse in question, which in
   turn tracks the commentary to the same verse.  See feature request

4. The module manager offers installation directory options of
   ~/.sword as well as the system Sword directory, typically
   /usr/share/sword, iff that directory is writable by the user.
   Future work will involve efforts at a superuser password query
   to obtain temporary access to the system directory, but in the
   current release, "chown -R you.yourgroup" is necessary, prior to
   running GnomeSword.  See feature request #1618837.

Bug reports addressed since 2.1.10:
1620542  Crashes on "View Context"
1618998  Displays frame then hangs
1618829  first use: no global modules found by gnomesword
1618324  "philipper" in german version points to philemon
1617225  gnomesword crashes, when clicking on combobox...
1613439  Sidebar setting does not survive program restart

Feature requests pending:
1620641  "Verse numbers" font color is ignored
1620313  Couple of bugs with module manager operation
1618837  global install of modules
1615402  advanced search needs help
1613239  improve command line use of "sword://"
1194044  prayer list
1193235  Allow text to be displayed double space
1124274  GnomeSword for Windows
 901894  Drop book list for search limit
Requests 1613239 and above are post-2.1.10 release.  Older requests
represent capabilities for which the needed underlying support does
not exist or which represent an extremely complicated re-working of
GnomeSword from its current state.

Release 2.1.10
09 Dec 2006

Recent bug reports addressed:
1605640  Change Font does nothing
1605638  Printing does not work
1602532  Uninstallable with Ubuntu Edgy Eft
1602059  Images in Personal Commentary don't show if path has spaces
1601897  search too broad on strongs
1601744  title of module in titlebar not displaying for GetLut1545
1596747  Crash on "search", no content displayed
1594151  previewer-anchored footnotes needed
1582986  Crashed
1576964  GnomeSword fails to build with libsword6-dev
1575275  meta chars in new bookmark folders
1551501  Fix build with -Wl,--as-needed
1536274  clickable links to external sources don't work
1535370  feature request: track verse change across all open tabs
1535122  2.1.7 has typos in commentary_dialog.c
1521926  2.1.7 seems unaware of large portions of commentaries
1507371  2.1.7 forgets which commentary is in use
1505753  2.1.7 mishandles crossrefs in headers

This list is incomplete, as these notes did not exist to track such
reports until recently, but represents the major reports fixed since
the middle of the 2.1 development cycle at a time when many very old
bug reports were finally addressed.