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7. The Studypad

7.1. Using The Studypad

The Studypad can be opened by choosing FileOpen StudyPad

This is what the Studypad typically looks like:

Figure 31. The Studypad

The Studypad

The Studypad will save into your working directory, making it useful for collecting and exporting information and Bible study material from Xiphos into other programmes.

Toolbar 1

  • Font Size and Environment

  • Font Type

  • Bold, Italics, Underscored, Crossed Out

  • Left, Centre and Right Bound

  • Shift Paragraph Right or Left

  • Colour Selector

Toolbar 2

  • New, Save, Delete and Print

  • Cut, Copy, Paste and Undo

  • Find and 'Find and Replace'

  • Spellcheck

In order for spellcheck to be available, one of the languages under EditCurrent languages must be set.